Namaste, Friends and Lightworkers!

How you are in this New World? I have been holding my clients close to my heart over the past few weeks, and it is to you that I write this now.

Thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you! It is because of the inspired action that YOU have taken that we are witnessing such massive changes around the world! Yes, this movement, this AWAKENING, will take more time, but it is totally fine to put on your dancing shoes. In fact, I would encourage a little dancing right now!

As we navigate this space, we cannot be afraid of joy anymore than we can be afraid of pain.

I have been teaching donation-based classes on Zoom on the major chakras, and on June 8th we focused on the Throat Chakra. This energy center controls our need for self-expression, authenticity, and communication among other things. Communication indicates not just speaking, but also, and perhaps even more importantly, listening. The week before we focused on the Heart Chakra – our space of gratitude, forgiveness, and love – so for the past two weeks I have been exploring these two energies. I have been listening with greater attention than I ever have before, and I feel my heart space expanding in response. It’s not a painless process, but it is a crucial one.

This AWAKENING, is very, very real. This time we are in now has been predicted, particularly since the shift in 2012. (Also, a very real thing.) We as a collective are elevating consciousness. We are moving from the lens of “I” to the lens of “We.” Some say we are moving to a different density, and others say we moving into different dimensions or timelines, but the point is that we are collectively moving to a more heart-centered age. This is an excerpt from The Instruction by Ainslie McLeod:

…the fast-approaching shift in consciousness that is set to change the way we humans see the world….In a kinder, more spiritual world, with greater emphasis on cooperation and connection with each other, our souls will begin to thrive as they should…[and] those who cling to the old paradigm of greed, selfishness, and aggression will begin to look more and more like Neanderthals: completely out of place in this modern world.

BUT. Here’s the thing.

This issue – racism – this deep wound that has separated ALL of us from Source, (ie being aligned, living your best life, feeling connected, WHATEVER you want to call it!) needs to be healed collectively. Just as when you process trauma in your own life and work to heal those toxic thought patterns, we have to go through the same processing as a collective. This is the shadow work that we need to handle. When we repress emotional trauma in our bodies it manifests into pain, stress, and illness. As a collective, we have harbored these wounds for centuries and now the infection has become too great to ignore.

As a nation and as a species, our greatest suffering has been the inflicting of bondage on other humans and all that has resulted from it.

However, the suffering in our lives can catapult us forward and upward if we allow it to. We are healing our deepest wound NOW. The part that each of us will play will be different, as we are all on different soul journeys. The stay-at-home orders forced us all inward, and I am seeing tremendous breakthroughs being made as a result.

We are restoring our alignment as individuals so that we may restore our alignment as a species.

Spiritual healing is never easy or peaceful or calm. It is aggressive and emotional and turbulent. But the other side, my friends….the other side is magnificent.

A transition of power has at last begun. Our country is big and vast, and for far too long we have looked to our political leaders, celebrities, and corporations to take the lead in implementing social and environment change. We have discovered our own strength. We are learning not to look anywhere else but to ourselves to enact not just change within our society, but within ourselves as well. We are learning to separate from the images and messages we are bombarded with every day. We cannot HELP but be influenced by them! They have been shaping the direction of our lives for too long, and we are recognizing the need to go within to discover the truth of who we are and what we desire.


For the first time in a long time, I feel optimistic about the future.

I look forward to the Inspired Action that we will continue to take. I look forward to more and more people recognizing their gifts and sharing them with the world. I look forward to the additional depths of the human soul that we will continue to mine.

We invite our spirit guides to work overtime. We ask that limiting thoughts clouding our view be replaced with the high vibration consciousness of Love. This is a time to come together( virtually or otherwise!), and grieve, discuss, celebrate, and, by our coming together, connect to the Divine source of love.

I am available for Zoom sessions! Please reach out for a phone consultation! Restorative Spirit Programming is an powerful method to clear past life trauma and balance the chakras. Read reviews Here. I am also available to work with animals! I’m currently offering 10% off Animal Healing Sessions! Our pets naturally pick up on our energy and they really benefit from energy balancing 🙂

I am happy to discuss donation-based appointments.

Wishing you all blessings and balance. Keep shining out there. We need you.



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